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Lucas is a full-time pastor at the New Jerusalem Church in Brazil, graduated on CFNI (Christ For The Nations Institute) Dallas, Texas and ordained as a pastor by the FMC (Fellowship of Ministers & Churches).

BUT since 2010 Lucas has been trying to help ministries and churches around the world. Lucas took courses in Website Development and Maintenance, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, Twitter), Podcast Development and Management and Video Creation and Editing (YouTube Channel). He did all this with a focus on helping Churches, Ministries, and Christian Companies to have a greater impact on the Internet and reach as many people as possible!

Today Pastor Lucas is serving more than 20 ministries with the services he offers at his Digital Agency.


Vision Associate

Vision Brazil Zone Leader

New Jerusalem Church - Brazil


SW Digital Agency - Spread the Word

Helping churches, ministries and companies since 2010.