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What is the Vision Partner Program?

The program is an opportunity for Vision Partners to express their needs, wants, and concerns regarding their Christian faith and ministry. You become a part of the Vision advisory team helping our team develop products and services that meet your needs the most. How can the staff of Vision know what you need unless you are given an open platform to offer your input? It is here that we give you the opportunity to express those needs and where your Vision team can interact with you in real-time. This affords us the opportunity to answer your questions and learn how we can best provide you with the tools and encouragement to be successful in your God-given call. One of the benefits of being a part of this advisory board is the opportunity to test new products, obtain free resources, and even take part in free classes and ask questions of our Vision Team. We fully expect to expand upon these opportunities as we continue to develop this new program. In addition, you have an opportunity to network and develop relationships with like-minded Vision partners. More to come soon……. The Vision Team is grateful that you are here, and we hope that together we can continue to equip and enlarge God’s kingdom all around the world. PS sign up now and get the course Filled Up Life.


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