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How to increase website traffic

1. Submit your website to search engines.

To submit your website to Google, you need to sign up for Google Search Console. It is a free tool offered by Google to help website owners see how their website is performing in search results. Signing up is free and easy.

2. Make sure your website is responsive.

Responsive websites have a greater likelihood of ranking high in SERPs. The 'user-focused' experience and high-quality content could increase your dwell time. Thereby making users stick around for the long run. Google recommends a responsive website design pattern.

3. Make sure your website is fast.

A fast site speed will result in a better user experience, while a slow site speed will result in a poor user experience. A user is typically staying on a site longer if the site speed is faster and they also convert better and bounce less. For those reasons, Google has made it a ranking factor.

4. Get active on social media.

Social media allows your company to listen to your customers directly. People will post and share exactly what they what, love, and would change about products, services, and experiences. This provides a unique customer service opportunity for businesses.

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